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Frequently Asked

Feel free to contact us below with any additional questions.

What to expect

Each person’s healing experience is unique; the body prioritizes its needs. Several 2-hour sessions provide more impact than the same number of hours in 1-hour sessions. The impact is cumulative. It is not possible to get too much healing energy. The scalar room provides a quiet, dark and restful healing environment. It is advised not to bring electronics into the scalar room unless they are essential to you. The sound system in the room is Alexa enabled and will be playing soft music of a healing frequency to help members relax. Some people may prefer to use earbuds and listen to their favorite meditation sounds on their devices. The space is equipped with 8 zero gravity chairs of various widths. Light blankets and pillows are available to help you be as comfortable as possible. Some people prefer to wear eye shades and/or ear plugs to block any minor light or sounds. Plan to close your eyes and relax in order to achieve the highest benefits. Set your intentions for what you want to achieve. Meditation and/or silent prayer is recommended. Come with an open heart and mind, breathe divine life source into every cell of your body.


Are there any conditions in which a person should not have a session with the EESystem?

The EESystem™ provides a healthy energy environment for a person to be in. It does not treat, cure, or heal. Each person must make his own decision but there have been no contraindications found for being in the presence of healthy energy. If a person has a severe health condition or does not detox efficiently, they may choose to start slowly.


How long do the effects last?

The effects of sitting in this “charged” field are cumulative. The more you are exposed, the more your body can move toward a healthy millivolt level. The body begins to rejuvenate itself and initiates a powerful process of self-healing. EESystem provides the ideal “frequency bath” and the body responds with its innate wisdom, recalibrating to homeostasis.


What if I have an emergency and have to change or cancel my session?

If you have something come up where you have to cancel or change your appointment, let us know at least 48 hours in advance. At that point you will have the option of getting a refund for your appointment, rescheduling your appointment in a time slot that is available, or receiving a coupon code that allows you to reschedule at a later date.

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