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  • Each person’s healing experience is unique; the body prioritizes its needs.

  • Several 2-hour sessions provide more impact than the same number of hours in 1-hour sessions.

  • The impact is cumulative. It is not possible to get too much healing energy.

  • The scalar room provides a quiet, dark and restful healing environment.

  • It is advised not to bring electronics into the scalar room unless they are essential to you. 

  • The space is equipped with zero gravity chairs.

  • You may want to bring a light blanket and/or pillow to help you be as comfortable as possible.  There is a remote in the room to regulate the temperature at a level that is comfortable to the member.

  • Some people prefer to wear eye shades and/or ear plugs to block any minor light or sounds.

  • The sound system in the room is Alexa enabled and can play soft instrumental music of a healing frequency to help members relax.  Some people may prefer to use earbuds and listen to their favorite meditation sounds on their devices.

  • Plan to close your eyes and relax in order to achieve the highest benefits.

  • Set your intentions for what you want to achieve. Meditation and/or silent prayer is recommended.

  • Come with an open heart and mind, breathe divine life source into every cell of your body.

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